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EL wire electroluminescent (cold neon)
  • EL wire electroluminescent (cold neon)
  • EL wire electroluminescent (cold neon)
  • EL wire electroluminescent (cold neon)
  • EL wire electroluminescent (cold neon)

EL wire electroluminescent (cold neon)

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3.81 CNY
  • 2.22 CNY/m.  - from 100 m.
Country of manufacture:China
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Made of hight quality material, high purity and mixed, recycling materials, encsure the quality of materials, stable and No environmental pollution And Energy - saving.
Flexible and water resistant, can be bent into any shapes and cut into any length.
Offer 360 degrees of illumination.
Great for car decoration, night clubs, parties, dark hallways, almost wherever you can imagine.
You can also use it around the spokes of your bike tires, your wrists, even your pet's collar for extra protection in the evening.


Color FR - Red, Lemon, Blue, TR blue, Yellow, White, Green, Pink, Purple, Orange
Diameter 1.3mm/2.3mm/3.2mm/5.0mm
Length Any length can be made according to your needs
Life time 6000 - 10000 hours(100V,1KHZ)
Working temperature - 20°C to  + 70°C
Relative humidity RH
Storage temperature - 10°C~ + 40°C
Storage relative humidity RH
Input voltage 3VDC - 12VDC, 110VAC - 250VAC
Working frequency 800MHZ - 1200HZ; Optimal frequency: 1000Hz.
Static capacitance 6.5nf/m(20°C RH
illumination intensity 95cd/m2 - 125cd/m2(110V 1000HZ).
Power consumption 43mW/M (110V 1000HZ).


Country of manufacture:China
flexibilní vedl neon: 
Information is up-to-date: 25.08.2021

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