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LED trees
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LED trees

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We offer a new ornamental trees, LED trees and shrubs. Represent a design with alloy frame sheathed in dark plastic in the form of trees or shrubs, adorned with garlands of bright light - emitting diode with silicon tips (petals, leaves). LED trees and bushes are imitation cherry blossoms, maple, willow, so look very natural and can be be of different colors. Perfect for a New Year's mood, also LED trees still widely used for decorative lighting interevrov and landscapes. In a hotel lobby or in front of shop windows installed LED trees, a great tool to attract potential customers. We also observe them in the square in front of a shopping center or city park! LED tree light up very brightly, they have a beautiful appearance. Simple design and easy to install in addition, use very little electricity. In our company you can buy a different variety of trees LED: LED sakura (cherry), maple, willow, sunflower, peach palm

Information is up-to-date: 25.08.2021

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