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Pendant linear LED lights 38W length 1200mm
  • Pendant linear LED lights 38W length 1200mm
  • Pendant linear LED lights 38W length 1200mm

Pendant linear LED lights 38W length 1200mm

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Pendant linear LED lights 38W length 1200mm

Name: Office arc angle of hanging line lamp
product size: 1200 * 180 * 70mm splice can not be extended


Color rendering index: > 80

Brand: Multidimensional 

Article number: YLB - 72T

Power: 38W LED (power can be customized)

Material: aluminum alloy Surface treatment: spraying, oxidation

Luminous flux: 3000Lm

Color: black, white, silver, wood grain, red, coffee, dark gray (light body color can be customized) 

[Product Features]


Lamp body: Made of heavy iron materials, exquisite texture, durable, superior heat dissipation performance and long service life.

Lampshade: Optimal quality PC, good light transmission, uniform light color 
Lamp beads: Guangzhou Hongli Optoelectronics highlight LED lamp beads, Xiamen Sanan LED chips. Not only high brightness, but also high color rendering index, uniform light color, no flicker, no harm to eyes.
Drive: High - quality circuit control design, built - in constant current drive power to ensure the stable performance of the lamp, and truly achieve the effect of energy saving;
color temperature: optional 3000K, 4000K, 6000K 
Scope of application: Home lighting, schools, hospitals, factories, offices, commercial buildings, office buildings, corridors, staircase lighting, municipal lighting, infrastructure, stadiums, airports, theaters, industrial facilities, public health places, commercial places, etc.


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